My real name is Nevaeh Arabella. I was born on 13 April 2003. From the moment I was capable of forming thoughts, I recognised the thing I enjoyed most, to make people happy.
Years later, not much changed; same face, same voice, same dreams!
Since the day I was born, I wore nothing but frilly dresses and dolly clothing (except for a short period of my emo phase XD). I literally flipped out If I was put in jeans or ANYTHING besides dresses. This style has stuck with me my whole life, which I guess was just a bit of a plus to help me achieve my goal (or dream, I don’t know what to call it).

Because of my distinctive facial features, I’ve always had people comment on my “doll-like” face and how I looked somewhat “artificial”.

(age 9-11, i don’t exactly remember)
During the young age of  8-9, I lived with my mum for a short period of time. My parents divorced when I was about 2, and I never really knew much about it. I went 5 whole years not being able to see my mum after we seperated. I saw her again at age 11-12, but only for a short visit.
My mum was one of the most important people in my life, so, such a long time without her was really hard to go through.
When I was old enough to have social media, I still got the same remarks as mentioned before, but some got a little more harsh: “That’s not real, you’re photoshopped”, “That’s not you, that’s one of those living dolls all over the internet!”, “You look like you’re 5, get off the internet and play with your Barbie’s”.
(Just to be clear, I HATE Barbie’s, they’re too fake, unnatural, and she’s had to much plastic surgery! I like Blythe dolls!)
I was really hurt by these comments (keep in mind I was still quite young) and I stopped social medias for a long time.
All of that time off of the internet gave me plenty of time to practice makeup, do better work in school, and I got to work on my life plans and give it my best at achieving my dreams!
I started up social medias again after a while, and things were more positive! A lot of people recognised me and knew who I was. I didn’t worry about negative comments anymore because I had my group of Fanjii‘s to defend me and support me! My confidence level boosted so much because of all of you and I thank you for that!
I began having people stealing my pictures an some posing as me. Luckily, I imediatly was noified about these people by my Fanjii’s, and whenever I wasn’t notified, people knew my official accounts anyways.
(official accounts)
With 12 years of age, I finally realized who I wanted to be! I always had people remark that I look like a doll and dress like a doll. So I decided I wanted to be a “Living Doll”.
I really wanted a youtube channel, but I decided to wait until I was more mature and didn’t post anything I’de regret later, so I started a blog instead.
My blog was already quite succesful after a short period of 2 weeks, with over 100 hits.
I may not have been “famous” but I was quite well known on Social Medias such as MSPFacebook, etc.
Well, not many people knew me, but I had my group of Fanjii’s who always recognised my face without a doubt!
Let’s just say, I dyed my hair a LOT for such a young age (but I refused to do any unnatural colours!). Fortunately, my hair was never damaged in the slightest. I did red (no pictures were taken then), blonde, golden blonde], black, ginger, etc. The only unnatural hair colour I’ve ever done was half blonde, half black.
That was the one comment that finally struck me to be a Living Doll.
(don’t ask why, just ask little Vaya)
(#nomakeup XD)
Huh, I almost wrote my full life story!
Disclaimer: I am happy with my looks but I want to state I have never had plastic surgery done on me (please check that I am in front of cameras since the age of 6). I haven’t had to do anything to be look doll~like. I don’t want to motivate you to get plastic surgery to e.g. become a doll~like person. Of course I’m not judging either and I am not generally against plastic surgery. I strongly believe that it’s everyone’s own decision and personal freedom to recieve plastic surgery.

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